Sunday, May 23, 2010

Backyard Business

It's finally stopped raining here in Northern Utah and I really needed to work on my little gardening area. I built a "square foot garden" area about 2 years ago and it had turned into a mess. Apparently I didn't use strong enough weed block on the bottom because the grass was growing up everywhere. It also needed some stain because it was just looking really bad. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking and I didn't take a picture of just how bad it looked before I ripped all the old dirt/grass/weeds out of it and put new backing on the bottom.

The weed block had practically disintegrated and was in shreds. We had just done other work in our yard and had some much better weed block left over so my husband stapled a couple layers to the bottom of the frame. I hope it will take the grass a little bit longer this time to work its way through. I've also learned that I won't be planting strawberry's any time soon because they will quickly take over the whole area.
The kids and I slopped on a fresh coat of stain and added some nice new soil, along with a grape tomato plant. I was hoping to buy more plants, but Lowe's just didn't have that great of a selection. I have some seedlings starting, some Bachelor's Buttons and a Bee Balm plant. I'd like to grow onions, but they'll need to go somewhere else because this area just isn't deep enough. I think I'll add some green beans and maybe a different type of tomato.

I also found this little spider on my chive plant and I thought it would make a cool picture. I grew the chives from a seed, and it's my favorite plant in the entire garden. It produces so many chives, they taste great and store really well. This is the 3rd year that the plant has come back and each year it produces more and more flowers.

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