Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Attack of the "UFO's"

I was talking to a friend of mine earlier about my tendency to start a project that should take weeks or maybe even months and then having that project turn into something that takes years to finish. I have crafts that I started before my daughter even started school, she's now getting ready to enter the 4th grade. I told her that I needed to start a support group because I know I am not the only one with this ahem...problem!

Honestly, it's bad. I actually started making a list of crafts I have started and not finished. The oldest one dates back to 2002-ish. I started it while we were stationed in Las Vegas, we left there in July 2004. In my defense I didn't quite realize how many UFO's I had until we finished our basement and I was finally able to move all my craft stuff from a dusty cramped crawlspace to my craft room. I was finally able to re-organize everything, throw out the trash and clean up my huge stash of fabric.

My husband is now retired from the Air Force and we moved a few times before our final move to Utah. I would buy something, have to pack it away, then forget that I had it and would re-purchase the same item. Luckily, everything is stuff that I will have a need for like my 4 iron on transfer pencils, but it only helped add to my UFO madness.

So now that I can fully admit that I have a problem with UFO's, my dilemma is how to I attack the problem? Do I go after them chronologically from oldest to newest? Do I attack them by genre; quilts, cross-stitch, embroidery? What if I'm not in the mood for that particular craft, which is probably why I put them down in the first place? What about the projects I have that I truly need now?

Sigh...I guess the best way to begin is to just start somewhere. Since I'm almost done with the corset I will start there, then onto the painted stool which is also almost done. Eventually I'll catch up. Right??!!

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