Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Jim Morrison Project

I've decided that before I start a new project, I need to finish an old one. One of the projects that I started awhile ago was a cross-stitch of the famous Jim Morrison Young Lion pose taken by Joel Brodsky in 1967.
I've been fascinated by Morrison since I was about 13, much to my husband's dismay my love of Jim has not waned over the years. I have quite a large collection of Jim Morrison / Doors memorabilia that most of which unfortunately is carefully packed away.

So here is the picture that I will be turning into cross-stitch:

So far it's looking like this:

It's finished size should be approximately 14 inches square. I plan on turning it into a throw pillow, but we'll have to see what happens after it's finished. I'm sure my hubby will just love seeing it on our bed!

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