Friday, September 17, 2010

Butterick Pattern's 9633 & 8074

I recently picked up a ton of old patterns dating from the 40's-70's.  I was really hoping that I would find some cute patterns that I could make into clothes I could wear to work. So far I've found two that I definitely want to make:

 I love everything about this pattern, but I especially like view C & B.  I think I'll start out by making View C.  I'd really like to make it in shantung but I'm afraid that might be a little too fancy for wearing to work.  This pattern is about 2" too small for me so it'll be my first attempt at resizing.  I'll be honest....I'm terrified.  But I'm hoping that because it's only  2" give or take, it won't be too hard. 

Butterick 9633 looks extremely easy to make and for that reason alone, I like it!

I took it into work today to show my friend and another co-worker asked me to make one for her. I instantly had Selfish Seamstress flashbacks, LOL.  Except unlike Selfish, my sewing skills are barely passable.  I'll actually probably make this skirt within the next week or so. Maybe I'll go pick out fabric on Sunday? I think I want to make this view:


I'll post my progress to the blog! :)


  1. Love love love the first pattern! Its beautiful! Good luck with it can't wait to see the finished product
    Stevie x

  2. <3 them all. I have one of the skirt patterns but don't know which one as it was givin to me cut out :) good luck and can't wait to see the end product!