Monday, September 3, 2012

Greenleaf Orchid

I've always had a love for miniatures.  For Christmas one year I got a huge dollhouse and it was just amazing!  My parents made it for me and at the time I didn't appreciate how much time and effort they put into not only building it but also keeping it hidden until Christmas day.

As a teenager I built a small dollhouse and fully decorated it.  I had both of them for years until they were finally sold because they took up so much room.  After seeing some really nice dollhouses on Pinterest (a house by Rik Pierce...freaking amazing!) I decided to buy an inexpensive, small house that me and the kids could work on together.

I ended up with the Orchid by Greenleaf.  It's very small, and the kit was $29 at Hobby Lobby. I plan on adding to this kit and so I'm not sure it will look much like the picture when finished.

Here's where we're at so far.

The big opening on the bottom is for a bay window.  However I think I'm going to partially close it up and create a doorway either into what will be a bathroom, or a library.  The kids and I haven't decided yet if we're making this into a cozy cottage or a haunted one. :)



  1. Came across your post looking for this house...One of the Etsy shops uses it for their base house, and it was so cute, and so many things you can do with it. Here's the listing if you want some ideas for your cottage - have fun!

    1. Wow! She has some amazing stuff. Thanks for the tip! :)